Taralmador Cattery

                                                         Specialising in Persians & Exotics 
                                               Silver Tabby British in Gisborne, New Zealand 

A Little Bit About Me

Hi, My name is Sue Mackay, and I live near Gisborne, Turanganui-A Kiwa, Poverty Bay

I have been breeding Persian and Exotic cats for many years, but I have been a cat lover, and had at least 1 domestic pet cat for over 25 years. I currently work for St John Ambulance, which I love, I am also a qualified Vet Nurse, and I operate a grooming business called Groom-A-Pet, grooming mainly cats in the Gisborne area through VetEnt Gisborne. I enjoy grooming cats, and my aim has always to do it without sedation or anaesthetics. I believe that when animals are young and you can gain their trust, it is best for them. Once they are getting older it can become less safe to use medications, and its a lot harder to gain their trust then. If the animal is extremely stressed out, I can talk to the vets at the clinic I work in, and they can decide if its best for the cat, but so far I haven't needed to do this.

 My husband, Alex and I used to run a dairy farm north of Napier, and more recently a lifestyle block on the road between Wairoa and Lake Waikaremoana. We are now in rural Gisborne on a citrus orchard in. Our 3 boys are grown up and have left home to follow their own dreams. The animals are now are babies and we love having them around

My first cat was a female tortie tabby who spent most of her time camped on my bed pretending she was a watch dog. She growled at any strange noises!! Her name was Tara (which forms the first part of my cattery name), and I was devastated when she was hit by a car and killed at only 3 years of age. This was probably the only time  since getting her that I didnt have a cat camped on my bed, as after that, I was always finding cats or kittens needing to be homed, and have been a multi-cat household since.

Years ago I met Chris Lowe, who bred Persians and Exotics, and is an NZCF and International Judge. Chris introduced me to Persians and Exotics, and to showing my domestics. Until then I was never very interested in breeding or showing, and funnily enough I vowed I would never have a flat-faced cat!! However, the awesome placid loving nature of the breed has won me over.   

I have 3 breeding girls, decendents of a queen from Chris (Christos), and from Kaye Dixon (of Kasabrook) in Tauranga. I can't thank Chris and Kaye enough for my foundation girls, and the support and guidance I have been getting from them. 

I have 2 studs, one who is a red tabby bi-colour Persian from lines from Barbara Beatson, and a black persian from Jan Gray

I am hoping to breed good quality smokes and bi-colours, I even managed to breed an odd eyed black harlequin girl some years ago.

Advice Available

I have an active interest in cat welfare and education of particularly children in animal care. I am always available for advice on cat care and welfare, and I have had a lot of experience in issues of multi-cat households may have. 
Cats do much better in houses where they feel loved and secure and all their needs are met including stimulation (playing, hunting etc). They like having high places to sleep and where they can view 'their' territory. 

My Location in New Zealand

710 Wharekopae Rd Patutahi