Taralmador Cattery

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                                               Silver Tabby British in Gisborne, New Zealand 

Meet The Boys

Stacks was my original stud. He was a Black Smoke Bi-Colour Persian. Being a smoke, when his black coat is brushed backwards, the undercoat is a stunning silvery white colour. He was bred by Marion Cheesman of Featherston, and until I had met him, I hadn't thought of having a smoke in my breeding programme. He had a wonderful personality, and always had plenty to say. Although he was a relatively small framed cat, the male (and some female) cats he iproduced havd lovely big solid frames. They all have lovely natures, and the kittens I have kept usually follow me round the garden. Ash and Aslan are his sons, and everyone who comes to visit us and our boarding cattery are greeted by Ash.

Spinner is a lovely Australian bred cream tabby exotic I part own with Kaye & Chris. He is the father of Ruby. He's a lovely boy, lovely big bones, and has produced lovely kittens also. He is now retired, but his progeny continue to breed.


Stacks - Black smoke Bi-Colour


Cream Exotic

My Beautiful Boys


I have a red tebby bicolour exotic boy from a mating from a lovely boy from Barbara Beatson. Barbara has been breeding for a number of years under the Windeacres prefix. His name is Podge, and as his name suggests, he is a bulky boy, and is 2 years old. He hasn't successfully mated one of the girls yet, but he has great intentions!!! When you keep breeders from your own cats, eventually you have to approach other breeders for an out-cross, or the lines continue to get closer and you risk the health of the animal. While we often use similar breeding to strengthen a characteristic we like, we often strengthen others genes, and the animal can suffer as a result.

Cuddles (Mytwe)

Cuddles is a smoochy black persian boy I got from Jan Gray in Te Awamutu. 

Jan is breeding beautiful natured persian and exotic cats with excellent conformation. He is a large framed boy, and with Podge, I will have better options for continuing my programmes.


Max is my Silver tabby British

He came to me from Anna Martin. Anna breeds beautiful Exotics and British, but decided to concentrate on the exotics, so I have been very lucky to be given the opportunity to continue breeding with her lines

Podge - Red Tabby Bicolour Exotic

Cuddles - Black Persian 

Max - Silver Classic Tabby British