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                                               Silver Tabby British in Gisborne, New Zealand 

Meet The Girls

Lady was my first exotic,  a Blue Cream Bi-Colour Exotic. She had the misfortune of having a pyometra ( a Uterine Infection) in her first breeding season. Luckily the staff at Animalz in Napier were on the job, and with great medication and home care, she was cured. She has since had a few litters, and her last litter was the  29th December 2008. Because Stacks and Lady were both bi-colours I often had harlequinns from this mating, and I could get virtually any colour combination, as well as Exotics or Persians. Ladies kittens were very indenpendant, but tolerant. In 2008 I kept an odd eyed black harlequin  girl called Wiki. Wiki was exported to Australia to assist a breeder who wanted to breed odd eyed cats. 

Furbie was a Blue Persian. her kittens were usually smoochy, and she had a lovely wide open face. Too many Persians were being bred with pinched nostrils, which can affect the cats by restricting breathing especially when the cats are stressed. 

Lady and Furbie were both bred by Chris Lowe of Hawkes Bay.

Furbie is the foundation queen of my current girls. She is the grandmother of Ruby and the great grandmother of Jandee


Tartan is a lovely tortie bi-colour bred by Kaye, her grandmother is Furbie. In 2012 Tartan had a litter of kittens, and I kept a red Persian girl "Ruby". 

Pure red girls are hard to find, and will be very important in my breeding programme. In 2013, Ruby and Stacks were mated, and from this I kept Jandee, a tortie smoke bi-colour persian.

Ruby as a kitten with a blue cream persian sibling

Jandee has in turn produced a red tabby bi-colour exotic girl I have called Carrie in 2016. Carries brother Gary won Best in Show at Tokoroa last year. He is a cream tabby bi-colour exotic, and the same weekend he moved on to his new home.

Harmony is my silver tabby British, 

again I got this one from Anna Martin, 

and I am looking forward to my first

 litter of Stripeys!!!


British profile

Carrie in Profile

Carrie - Red Tabby Bicolour Exotic