Taralmador Cattery

                                                         Specialising in Persians & Exotics 
                                               Silver Tabby British in Gisborne, New Zealand 


If you are interested in kittens, please ring me on (06) 838-8800, text me on 0275-626-615, I can only text back when I am in town, so please be patient. My landline will change soon as we are on the move to a new property in the Gisborne area, in the not-to-distant future.

Lafy and Stacks litter of harlequin kittens

Litter of kittens sleeping while Mum has a break. Around 1 week old

Pet / show quality kitten - Red Bi-colour Persian

Magic - the first kitten I hand reared and now a 12 year old pet

Hoggle - In Stacks last litter a blacksmoke bi-colour Persian just like his dad in looks and temperament. We had to keep him......

"Gary" - red smoke bicolour Exotic

Gary won supreme at Patches and Pointed Tokoroa, 2017